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Julia Abelson a presenter for AHRQ webinar on public engagement

08 Apr 2012

Julia Abelson, a faculty member with CHEPA and an adjunct faculty with the McMaster Health Forum, will share her expertise in the design and evaluation of methods to engage the public to inform health care decision-making during a webinar on April 19 at 3 p.m.

Abelson is one of four presenters in the webinar which has been organized by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Entitled Using Deliberative Methods to Engage the Public: How to design and implement an effective deliberative session, the webinar is designed to provide practical guidance for those interested in using deliberative methods for obtaining meaningful public input to inform their work.

Public deliberation is a form of public discussion that is informed, value-based and seeks collective solutions to challenging social problems. In contrast to public consultation - another popular form of public participation - public deliberation focuses on creating the conditions for opinions to evolve and change, and to produce collective judgments to inform policy decisions.

The webinar will cover topics such as setting clear goals and choosing an appropriate method, recruiting participants, and effectively facilitating a deliberative session. Anyone interested in learning more about this process are welcome to attend the webinar.

Abelson has extensive experience in designing and evaluating public engagement to inform health system decision making. For more information on her research, click here.

Other presenters at the webinar include Susan Dorr Goold from the University of Michigan, and Alison Kadlec and Jyoti Gupta from Public Agenda, a nonpartisan organization that helps communities solve problems through research and engagement.

For more details on the webinar or to register, click here.

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