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New journal to offer best available evidence on Canadian health care reforms

10 Jun 2013

Health Reform Observer – Observatoire des Réformes de Santé ( is a new, free, open access, peer-reviewed, online journal publishing concise, plain-language analyses of individual health reforms related to the governance, financing and delivery of health care in Canadian provinces and territories, as well as in-depth, cross-issue and cross-jurisdictional “roll-ups” of these reforms. Launched in May 2013, the journal is actively seeking submissions and building its list of reviewers.

Health Reform Observer - Observatoire des Réformes de Santé will be an invaluable resource to local, provincial, national, and international decision-makers as they undertake the time-consuming and challenging task of identifying and learning from restructuring efforts initiated within Canada’s vast and decentralized health care system,” says CHEPA director Michel Grignon, who is the journal's Editor-in-Chief.

“For researchers and academics, this journal will provide a unique on-line, peer-reviewed platform to document, analyze, and evaluate health reforms as well as to make this information easily and quickly available to other researchers and scholars, decision-makers and members of the interested public including health system stakeholders and the media,” he says.

Health Reform Observer - Observatoire des Réformes de Santé does not charge any fees to readers or contributors. The journal strives to operate a rigorous and open review process, meaning that the identities of both the author(s) and reviewers are disclosed to one another. Reviewers are encouraged to provide all prospective authors with constructive and timely advice regarding how to improve their manuscript, regardless of their recommendation to accept or decline the manuscript for publication.

Manuscripts may be submitted in English or French and should follow the guidelines found on the journal’s home page. For more information concerning submissions or to express interest in joining our team of reviewers, please contact:

Nancy Johnson
Managing Editor, Health Reform Observer - Observatoire des Réformes de Santé Email:

Please send questions, comments or suggestions to the Webmaster ( ).
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