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Seminar looks at the links between obesity and immigration in Europe

02 Apr 2014

Research into the links between social inequality and obesity, comparing immigrants and natives of France and Spain, is the subject of an April 16 CHEPA seminar presented by Yasser Moullan, research officer at the International Migration Institute (IMI), University of Oxford (UK).

Moullan is an economist who studies the links between migration and health, specifically the determinants, consequences and policy implications of medical brain drain for developing countries of origin. His most recent research is into the socioeconomic determinants of health in immigrants in Europe.

In this seminar, Moullan describes research conducted with co-author Paul Dourgnon into social inequalities and obesity, comparing immigrants and natives in France and Spain, after first disentangling effects that pertain to the country of origin and to the country of arrival. The analysis is based on two separate national representative surveys involving women and men.

They found that in Spain, the effects of migration on health is most pronounced in more recent immigrants, while in France obesity tends to appear among longer-established immigrants. Moreover, North African or Sub-Saharan African immigrants are more often obese than others. As well, obesity prevalence in both countries is higher for immigrant women than it is among native-born females, but in men, it is identical in France and lower in Spain.

Moullan has a PhD in economics from the University of Paris; a Masters in empirical and theoretical economics (ETE) from the Paris School of Economics and a Masters of development economics from University of Paris. Prior to joining IMI, Yasser was a research fellow at the Institute of Research and Information in Health Economics (IRDES) in Paris.

The seminar will be held Wednesday April 16 in CRL B119, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. All are welcome to attend. The seminar will be available remotely for those who are unable to attend.

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