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Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis


MSF conference will feature CHEPA research

03 May 2019

CHEPA’s Lisa Schwartz and the Humanitarian Health Ethics (HHE) Research Group will be playing a prominent role next week in London, England at the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Scientific Days 2019, which is sponsored by the Royal Society of Medicine.

 The full event will be live-streamed online (

Before the conference begins, Schwartz, who holds McMaster’s Arnold L. Johnson Chair in Health Care Ethics and is a member of the MSF Ethics Review Board, will give a pre-conference workshop presentation about ethical research collaborations.

On May 9, she will chair a session at the full conference about “Power, Participation and People,” while the McMaster team’s research co-ordinator Rachel Yantzi (a soon-to-be HRM doctoral student) will present research entitled  “Nothing in the world can serve those people like palliative care: qualitative analysis of refugee and provider experiences in Jordan, Rwanda and Bangladesh.”

The HHE group will also have poster presentations about two studies:  “Aid when there’s ‘nothing left to offer’: A study of palliative and supportive care during international public health crises (Pall-IPHC).” and “Isolation, quarantine and research in Ebola management: A comparative study of perceptions between communities, outbreak control teams and researchers (EVD-IQR)”, both of which were funded by funded by Elrha’s Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises (R2HC) Programme.

Other investigators on those studies who have links to McMaster are Carrie Bernard, Sonya de Laat, Laurie Elit, Leigh-Anne Gillespie, Elysée Nouvet, and Julia Pemberton.

See the conference agenda at:

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