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Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis
CHEPA researchers study a wide range of topics

Excellence in producing research knowledge

CHEPA researchers bring numerous disciplinary perspectives to their work with specific emphases on the economic, political, ethical, sociological and historical analysis of health, health care and health systems. The development of new methods and the evaluation of health, health care and health systems also feature prominently in CHEPA research.

Research Areas

Determinants of health and health inequalities
Examining the relationships between factors such as income, education and behaviours, and health outcomes
Key experts: Ellen Amster, Lydia Kapiriri, Phil DeCicca, David Feeny,  Michel Grignon, Emmanuel Guindon

Equity in health systems
Investigating methods to achieve equity in the financing, funding and provision of health services, to achieve equitable health outcomes
Key experts: Ellen Amster, Lydia Kapiriri, Stephen Birch, Katherine Boothe, Mita Giacomini, Michel Grignon, Emmanuel Guindon, Jeremiah Hurley, Christopher Longo, Gillian Mulvale, Meredith Vanstone  

Health care financing and funding
Analyze financing systems for raising revenue to support the provision of health care services, and funding systems for the allocation of funds to health system agencies, providers and programs
Key experts: Phil DeCicca, Michel Grignon, Emmanuel Guindon, Jeremiah Hurley, Christopher Longo, Gillian Mulvale, Arthur Sweetman

Organization and delivery of care
Examining how the organization and delivery models of care affect patient outcomes, quality and costs
Key experts: Ellen Amster, Lydia Kapiriri, Katherine Boothe, Andrew Costa, Glen Randall, Hsien Seow, Meredith Vanstone, Mike Wilson

Health human resources and health professions
Studying economic and social aspects of human resources in the health sector, to inform policy and planning
Key experts: Stephen Birch, Amiram Gafni, Michel Grignon, Jerry Hurley, Gillian Mulvale, Glen Randall, Arthur Sweetman, Meredith Vanstone 

Health technology assessment
Evaluating the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of health technologies, as well as their ethical and social impact
Key experts: Stephen Birch, David Feeny, Amiram Gafni, Mita Giacomini, Christopher Longo, Daria O'Reilly, Jean-Eric Tarride, Lisa Schwartz, Meredith Vanstone

Knowledge transfer and exchange
Investigating the production, transfer and exchange of research knowledge related to the health sector
Key experts: John Lavis, Kaelan Moat, Mike Wilson

Patient participation in clinical decision-making
Analyzing patient participation in treatment and health care decision-making, physician-patient communication, and the use of research information to improve decision-making in the clinical encounter
Key experts:  Julia Abelson, Katherine Boothe, Andrew Costa, David Feeny, Amiram Gafni, Mita Giacomini, Gillian Mulvale, Hsien Seow, Meredith Vanstone, Mike Wilson 

Public and community engagement
Developing and evaluating methods to incorporate public values into health policymaking and health system decision-making at the local, provincial and national level
Key experts: Julia Abelson 

Values and ethics in health policy
Analyzing challenges and needs, as well as developing methods, for involving public values and ethical considerations in health policymaking
Key experts: Julia Abelson, Andrew Costa, Mita Giacomini, Gillian Mulvale, Lisa Schwartz, Meredith Vanstone

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