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CHEPA Faculty Publications

CHEPA Faculty members produce an average of 110 publications per year, including books, peer-reviewed articles, editorials and government reports. Research conducted by CHEPA members and staff can be found in a range of journals and other publications that deal with health economics, health policy and health treatments and care.

A comprehensive database of all publications by CHEPA faculty from 1992 to August 2016 is available. To search this database, click here.

Recent publications

Abelson J, Humphrey A, Syrowatka A, Bidonde J, Judd M. “Evaluating patient, family and public engagement in health services improvement and system redesign”. Healthcare Quarterly. 2018. 21: December.

Abelson JTripp L, Sussman J. ‘I just want to be able to make a choice’: Results from citizen deliberations about mammography screening in Ontario, CanadaJournal of Healthcare policy.  2018. Sep 28. pii: S0168-8510(18)30524-4.

Amster EGlobal IVF, Infertility, and Emergency Contraception in the Middle East and North AfricaJournal of Middle East Women’s Studies. 2018.14:3.

Anderson LAlvarez EApatu E, Bayat S, Bourque C, de Rubeis V, Winsor E. Measurement of quality of life, happiness and well-being at the neighborhood level. Report to Sidewalk Labs, Waterfront Toronto and the Toronto Foundation. Toronto. 2018. Nov. 28. pp.1-24.

Boivin A, Richards T, Forsythe L, Grégoire A, L'Espérance A, Abelson J, Carman KL. Editorial: “Evaluating patient and public involvement in research”. BMJ. 2018. Dec 6. 363:k5147.

Boothe KPharmaceutical policy reform in Canada: lessons from history. Health Economics, Policy and Law. 2018. Jul;13(3-4):299-322.

Boscart VM, Sidani S, Poss J, Davey M, d'Avernas J, Brown P, Heckman G, Ploeg J, Costa AP. “The associations between staffing hours and quality of care indicators in long-term care.” BMC Health Services Research. 2018. Oct 3;18(1).

Fang X, Bai G, Windhorst DA, Feeny D, Saigal S, Duijts L, Jaddoe VWV, Hu S, Jin C, Raat H.  “Feasibility and validity of the Health Status Classification System-Preschool (HSCS-PS) in a large community sample: the Generation R study”. BMJ Open. 2018. Dec 18;8(12):e022449. 

Foroutan N, Tarride JE, Xie F, Levine M.  “A methodological review of national and transnational pharmaceutical budget impact analysis guidelines for new drug submissions.ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research. 2018. Nov 26;10:821-854.

Goold SD, Myers CD, Danis M, Abelson J, et al. “Members of minority and underserved communities set priorities for health research”. Milbank Quarterly. 2018. Dec 96(4):675-705.

Guertin JR, Humphries B, Feeny D, Tarride JÉ.  Health Utilities Index Mark 3 scores for major chronic conditions: Population norms for Canada based on the 2013 and 2014 Canadian Community Health SurveyStatistics Canada Health Report. 2018. Nov 21;29(11):12-19.

Guertin JR, Pagé MG, Tarride JÉ, Talbot D, Watt-Watson J, Choinière M. “Just how much does it cost? A cost study of chronic pain following cardiac surgery”. Journal of Pain Research. 2018. Nov 8;11:2741-2759.

Guindon GE, Paraje GR, Chaloupka FJ. “The impact of prices and taxes on the use of tobacco products in Latin America and the Caribbean”.  American Journal of Public Health. 2018. Dec 108(Suppl 6): S492–S502.

Heckman GA, Hirdes JP, Hébert PC, Morinville A, Amaral ACKB, Costa A, McKelvie RS. “Predicting future health transitions among newly admitted nursing home residents with heart failure”Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. 201. Dec 17. pii: S1525-8610(18)30611-X.

Kapiriri LStakeholder involvement in health research priority setting in low income countries: the case of ZambiaResearch Involvement and Engagement. 2018. Nov 5; 4:41.

Khuong Truong NT, Sweetman ABasic information and communication technology skills among Canadian immigrants and non-immigrantsCanadian Public Policy – U of T Press. 2018. Nov 15.

Lavis JN, Gauvin F-P, Mattison CAMoat KA, Waddell K, Wilson MG,Reid RJ. Rapid synthesis: Creating rapid-learning health systems in Canada. Hamilton, Canada: McMaster Health Forum. 2018.  December 10. This document includes the report plus 14 appendices – one for every Canadian jurisdiction – and one cross-jurisdictional appendix for each of the ‘health system as whole,’ the primary-care sector, and the elderly population. 

Longo CJ, Harrold J, Dunn S, Smith G. Elective repeat caesarian section in low-risk women-Economic evaluation comparing births before vs. after 39 weeks gestation in Ontario, CanadaJournal of Obstetrics & Gynecology Canada. 2018. Oct 22. pii: S1701-2163(18)30296-2. 

Mulvale G, Moll S, Miatello A, et al. “Codesigning health and other public services with vulnerable and disadvantaged populations: Insights from an international collaboration”. Health Expectations. 2019. Jan 2.

Qureshi D, Tanuseputro P, Perez R, Pond GR, Seow HY.  “Early initiation of palliative care is associated with reduced late-life acute-hospital use: A population-based retrospective cohort study”. Palliative Medicine. 2018. Dec 3:269216318815794.

Sherifali D, Brozic A, Agema P, Gerstein HC, Punthakee Z, McInnes N, O'Reilly D,et al. “The diabetes health coaching randomized controlled trial: Rationale, design and baseline characteristics of adults living with Type 2 Diabetes”. Canadian Journal of Diabetes. 2018. Oct 17. pii: S1499-2671(18)30747-0.







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