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Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis
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CHEPA Faculty Publications

CHEPA Faculty members produce an average of 110 publications per year, including books, peer-reviewed articles, editorials and government reports. Research conducted by CHEPA members and staff can be found in a range of journals and other publications that deal with health economics, health policy and health treatments and care.

A comprehensive database of all publications by CHEPA faculty from 1992 to August 2016 is available. To search this database, click here.

Recent publications

Barbera L, Sutradhar R, Chu A, Seow H, Howell D, Earle CC, O'Brien MA, Dudgeon D, Atzema C, Husain A, Liu Y, DeAngelis C. Opioid prescribing among cancer and non-cancer patients: Time trend analysis in the elderly using administrative data. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. 2017. July.

Boothe KEvaluating the cost-effectiveness of pharmaceuticals in CanadaHealth Reform Observer – Observatoire des Réformes de Santé. 2016. 4(1).

Geen O, Pumputis A, Kochi C, Costa A, Stobbe K. Assessing the Short-Term Global Health Experience: A Cross-Sectional Study of Demographics, Socioeconomic Factors, and Disease Prevalence. The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. 2017. 97(2), 596–601.

Heckman GA, Boscart VM, Huson K, Costa A, Harkness K, Hirdes JP, Stolee P, McKelvie RS. Enhancing Knowledge and InterProfessional care for Heart Failure (EKWIP-HF) in long-term care: a pilot study. Pilot and Feasibility Studies. 2018; 4: 9.

Lee L, Patel T, Costa A, Bryce E, Hillier LM, Slonim K, Hunter SW, Heckman G, Molar F. Screening for frailty in primary care: Accuracy of gait speed and hand-grip strength.Canadian Family Physician. 2017. Jan. 63(1): e51–e57.

Leck V, Randall GE. The rise and fall of dental therapy in Canada: a policy analysis and assessment of equity of access to oral health care for Inuit and First Nations communities. International Journal for Equity in Health. 2017. 16: 131.

Mulvale G, McRae SA, Milicic S. Teasing apart “the tangled web” of influence of policy dialogues: lessons from a case study of dialogues about healthcare reform options for Canada. Implementation Science. 2017; 12: 96.

Murphy GT, Birch S, MacKenzie A, Bradish A, Rose AE. A synthesis of recent analyses of human resources for health requirements and labour market dynamics in high-income OECD countries. Human Resources for Health. 2016. 14:59.

O’Reilly D, Bowen JM, Perampaladas K, Qureshi R, Zie F, Hughes E. Feasibility of an altruistic sperm donation program in Canada: results from a population-based model. Reproductive Health. 2017. 14:8. DOI 10.1186/s12978-016-0275-0

Tarride J-E, Burke N, Leslie WD, Morin SN, Adachi JD, Papaioannou A, Bessette L, Brown JP, Pericleous L, Muratov S, Hopkins RB. Loss of health related quality of life following low-trauma fractures in the elderly. BMC Geriatric. 2016.16:84.

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