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Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis

Working Papers

Featuring the research of faculty, associates, and staff of the Centre, this series provides a means to circulate polished, but not yet published, reports of compiled research. CHEPA Working Papers are available as pdfs.

To submit a paper to the series please complete the submission review form.

15-01: Grignon M, Hurley J, Wang L Is pro-poor inequity in inpatient care the result of pro-rich inequity in primary care? The case of Ontario, Canada. Available as a PDF

14-3: Grignon M, Renaud T. In Fighting Smoking, Would Later not be Better than Sooner? Available as a PDF

14-2: Hurley J, Johnson M. A Review of Evidence Regarding Parallel Systems of Public and Private Finance Available as a PDF

14-1: Birch S, Gafni A. A On the Margins of Health Economics:  Searchers, Surveyors and the Monetary Value of a Qaly.  Available as a PDF Available as a PDF

13-01: Hurley J, Li J. Health Care Funding, Cost-Containment and Quality  Available as a PDF

12-02: Hurley J, Mentzakis E, Grignon M.  The Interpretation of Health Care Need Among the General Public: An Empirical Investigation using a Discrete-Choice. Available as a PDF

12-01: Grignon M. Roadblocks to Reform: Beyond the Usual Suspects Available as a PDF

11-03: Gafni A, Birch S, Buckley G Economic Analysis of Physician Assistants in Ontario: Literature Review and Feasibility Study Available as a PDF

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