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Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis

Working Papers

Featuring the research of faculty, associates, and staff of the Centre, this series provides a means to circulate polished, but not yet published, reports of compiled research. CHEPA Working Papers are available as pdfs.

To submit a paper to the series please complete the submission review form.

11-02: Hurley J, DeCicca P, Li J, Buckley G. The Response of Ontario Primary Care Physicians to Pay-for-Performance Incentives. Available as a PDF

11-01: Hurley J, Mentzakis E. Existence and Magnitude of Health-related Externalities: Evidence from a Choice Experiment Available as a PDF

10-03: Gajic A, Cameron D, Hurley J. The Impact of Alternative Incentives on Response and Retention in a Mixed-Mode Survey. Available as a PDF

10-02: Buckley N, Cuff K, Hurley J, McLeod L, Nuscheler R, Cameron D. Willingness-to-Pay for Parallel Private Health Insurance: Evidence from Laboratory Experiment. Available as a PDF

10-01: Mentzakis E, Stefanowska P, Hurley J. A Discrete Choice Experiment Investigating Preferences for Funding Drugs Used to Treat Orphan Diseases Available as a PDF

09-05: Lessard C, Birch S. Complex Problems or Simple Solutions? Enhancing Evidence-based Economics to Reflect Reality. Available as a PDF

09-04: McDonald, H. Criteria for Evaluating the Quality of Decision Aids: A Critical Appraisal of the IPDAS Presentation of Probabilities Domain. Available as a PDF

09-03: Longo, C. Grignon, M. The Value of Fixed-Reimbursement Healthcare Insurance - Evidence from Cancer Patients in Ontario, Canada. Available as a PDF

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