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Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis

Working Papers

Featuring the research of faculty, associates, and staff of the Centre, this series provides a means to circulate polished, but not yet published, reports of compiled research. CHEPA Working Papers are available as pdfs.

To submit a paper to the series please complete the submission review form.

08-05: Grignon M, Hurley J, Wang L, Allin S Inequity in a market-based health system: evidence from Canada's dental sector. Available as a PDF

08-04: Hurley J, Guindon, E. Private Health Insurance in Canada. Available as a PDF

08-03: Hurley J, Grignon M, Wand L, McGrath T Geographic Equity in Hospital Utilization: Canadian Evidence Using a Concentration-Index Approach. Available as a PDF

08-02: Allin S, Hurley J Inequity in Publicly Funded Physician Care: What is the Role of Private Prescription Drug Insurance? Available as a PDF

08-01: Abelson J, Gauvin F-P Assessing the Impacts of Public Participation: Concepts, Evidence and Policy Implications. Available as a PDF

07-10: Grignon M. Using Cigarette Taxes When Smokers Are Heterogeneous: Evidence on Hyperbolic Preferences, Endogenous Preferences, Smoking, and Price Elasticity of Smoking in France. Available as a PDF

07-09: Hurley J, Pasic D, Lavis J, Culyer T, Mustard C, Gnam W. Parallel Payers and Preferred Access: How Canada's Workers' Compensation Boards Expedite Care for Injured and Ill Workers. Available as a PDF

07-08: Guindon GE, Georgiades K, Boyle MH. Susceptibility to Smoking Among Non-smoking East-Asian Youth: A Multilevel Analysis. Available as a PDF

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