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Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis

Emeritus Members

Stephen Birch

Stephen Birch

Stephen Birch was one of CHEPA's longest-serving members. After retiring from McMaster University, he moved to Queensland, Australia, to become the Taylor Chair and Centre Director of the University of Queensland Centre for the Business and Economics of Health.  While at McMaster, he received the Faculty of Health Sciences Rose Levy Rosenstadt Award and a research scholarship award under Health Canada's National Health Research and Development Program. He received his doctorate in economics at the University of York in the United Kingdom. He has more than 200 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. In the 2011 World Bank rankings of health economics researchers, he was ranked equal 1st in Canada and equal 35th in the world based on the volume and impact of his publications.

His main research interests are in methods for economic evaluation of health interventions, equity in health care resource allocation and needs-based approaches to health service and health workforce planning. 


  • economic evaluation
  • resource allocation
  • population health
  • oral health economics


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