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Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis
Julia Abelson

Julia Abelson

Professor, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact (HEI)
Director, Health Policy PhD program
Associate member, Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences


T: (905) 525-9140, ext. 22128

McMaster University
CRL Building, 2nd Floor, Room 203
1280 Main Street West,
Hamilton, ON
L8S 4K1

Julia Abelson is a professor in the Department of Health Evidence and Impact, and an associate member of the Department of Political Science. She was director of CHEPA from 2006-2011, and is a past recipient of a Canadian Institutes of Health Research New Investigator award, and an Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Career Scientist award. She is also the director of McMaster's Health Policy PhD program. Abelson obtained her M.Sc. in Health Policy and Management from the Harvard School of Public Health and her doctorate in social and policy sciences at the University of Bath, U.K. Her research interests include public engagement in health system governance; the analysis of the determinants of health policy decision-making; and the evaluation of innovations in the organization, funding and delivery of health services. Through her research, education and service activities, Abelson works closely with decision-makers in provincial, regional and local governments.


  • public engagement methods and evaluation
  • values in health policy analysis
  • politics of health policy


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Abelson J, Bombard Y, Gauvin F-P, Simeonov D and Boesveld S. Assessing the impacts of citizen deliberations on the HTA process. International Journal of Health Technology Assessment in Health Care. December 2012.


  • health policy analysis
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